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Who We Are

We are a genomics consultancy company passionate about your data.

We can help you with:


If your team could use some extra creativity.


If your team needs capacity for a spike in demand.


If you need specific expertise alongside your current team.


If your team needs objectivity and an external viewpoint.


When you get results meeting deadlines, gaining funds and profile.

What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow your successful genomics project.

Contact us for further details on any of your options below.


Total QC of your data plus contig assembly for both short and long read data.

Annotation and SNP discovery

Complete annotation, and comparisons on many different levels of variation.

RNA seq/Transcriptomics

Full statistical analysis using up-to-the minute cutting edge techniques and providing a whole project by adding in your other data as required.

Phylogenetics and clustering

Bring us your genomes and we can provide trees using many techniques and styles of visualization. We can add database strains as required. We will work with you to place metadata onto your trees and clusters.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

We have experience in commercial and academic AI projects, join with us to find out what computers think of your data.


Whole genome metagenomic analysis, short or long read data as well as 16S ribosomal DNA analysis with latest techniques.

Featured Works

These are some of our recent public projects, scientific publications and outreach projects.

Microbiology Society 2019 to 2023

Public Understanding of Science

Project Link

We spoke at the Microbiology Society meeting in Belfast in April 2019 about our work with Primary School Science, online in 2021 about our AI work on Covid, in 2022 and 2023

Nanopore MinION

Long Read Sequencing

Project Link

We were early adopters of Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing, winning a place on the first MinION Access Programme (MAP)


Scientific publications & database submission

Project Link

We actively participate in submitting data to the sequence databases and open science where possible. See recent BioRXiv papers doi: & doi:

Raspberry Pi Jamwich

Scientific Outreach

Project Link

We ran Raspberry Pi Jam workshops at the Norwich Science Festival, October, 2018, 2019, a virtual Pi event in Space 2020 and we were back in person 2023!

Yellow Flag Iris

Machine Learning

Project Link

We measured 50 separate flowers of Yellow Flag Iris, Iris pseudacorus, and demonstrated machine learning techniques with Fisher Iris dataset

Genomes analysed
Separate named species
Metagenomic samples

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Norwich Research Park
Norwich, UK